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Unread post by michel »

Hi all,

I am following from Europe the "Vendée Globe" race wich is passing south from you guys right now.
This morning your MRCC informed the race comity about 15 icebergs located by 52 36 00 S and 177 17 00 E.

Eager to get as much info as you could provide me

Thks from France!
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Unread post by NZ Thunderstorm Soc »

Apperently, there is an Eye Full of a tower in Pareee? :roll: #-o

:cry: JohnGaul
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Unread post by Weatherlawyer »

Apparently there is a bloke with a sense of humour in New Zealand.

Must have gone back home for the hols.
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Unread post by GraemeWi »

Not sure about weather data from that area - NZ met service do sit reps for the 'fourties' ... key=193876

We don't hear much about that race unless someone needs a rescue and gets their gonads frozen off.