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Posting Images

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Hi All,
It has become more apparent that Images are being "attached" to posts by using the BBCode IMG.
While using the IMG tags is a valid way to insert an image into a post, a few rules of thumb should apply.

You shouldn't copy a URL of an image you receive from a website and paste it in the IMG tag:

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  1. Content such as Images on 3rd party servers we can't control, therefore in a few months time the Image you are directly inserting might have been removed or may have changed rendering your post at a later date useless.
  2. Directly linking an image or "Hotlinking" causes bandwidth theft
If you are using an external Image hosting service such as Flickr,Photobucket etc, you may use the IMG tags provided that you can assure that:
  • The Content will not change.
  • The Content will not get deleted later on
The best way to upload content (Images, PDF's etc), is using the forum attachment feature.
If you don't know how to use it:
  • Make a post by making a new topic or new reply. Note: "Quick Post" doesn't support attachments
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Upload attachment".
  • Click on the choose file button
  • Select an Image/Document off your computer (Ensure that this image/document fits within the Forum Guidelines)
  • Click on the "Add this file" Button to attach the image to your post. The maximum file size is currently 2MB.
Once the files have attached then you can pick how you want to show them, inline or in a group at the bottom (default).

If you want to put the image inline with the writing of your post then select the area of the post you want to show your image and then pick the image you wish to set inline from the posted attachment section.
Then finally click on place inline.
A tag looking similar to this:

Code: Select all

will show where the image will be inserted.
Hit the the Post "Preview" button to ensure your happy with the placement, if not copy the image attachment tag that was just inserted and paste it to another place where you feel fits best.

It is recommended that you utilize the File comment section to give the attachment a date and a title so people know what they are looking at.

Also ensure any copywrited works gets cited and referenced back to the original author.

Have fun and happy posting :)

New Zealand Weather Forum Admin and Moderating Team
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