MetService Min Temp forecasts

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MetService Min Temp forecasts

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I have noticed a discrepancy between the minimum temp forecasts on the TV1 weather for the following day
and the minimum temp forecasts for the same day on the Metservice website and App.
It appears that the min temp forecast on the website for today appears on the TV1 weather for tomorrow.
I also wonder why the minimum temp forcast on both TV1 weather and the website is shown AFTER the Max forecast
when the lowest temp for any day usually occurs around dawn or do they mean dawn on the following day????
I have only been checking on my hometown Blenheim
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Re: MetService Min Temp forecasts

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Yes, the Tmins on MS's website are for the following morning. Whereas the temps on TV are both for the following day.
Agree though that the TV forecasts should display the Tmins before the Tmaxs.

From MS's website (click on info below forecast):
High: Forecast for the calendar day. Usually occurs in the afternoon.

Low: Forecast between noon on the calendar day and noon the following day. Usually occurs around dawn.