UK Weather - Winter 2022/23

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Re: UK Weather - Winter 2022/23

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Bradley wrote: Thu 09/03/2023 11:35 Kinbrace in northern Scotland recorded -15C this morning I see, UK's coldest temp in 10 years. It is already showing -15C at 11pm so that should go way lower by tomorrow morning...
The -15.4C at Kinbrace yesterday morning was the UK's coldest March temp since 2010, but only the UK's coldest temp since Braemar (Aberdeenshire) recorded -17.3C last December. Kinbrace does look a little colder this morning though at around -16C so far.
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Re: UK Weather - Winter 2022/23

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Thanks Nev + Bradley. As stated, the -15°C at Kinbrace Hatchery (Caithness) was recorded on 8th March. I cannot find the figure for 2010, but Aboyne (Aberdeenshire) had a low of -12.9°C on 11th March 2013. I will add further details on our current cold spell in the Spring 2023 thread shortly.

Climate summary for February 2023. The final CET was 6.5°C (+2.7°C) and the final EWR was 17mm which is only 23% of the monthly average.

The month had the unusual combination of warmth and dryness - these are not usual bedfellows in winter. Link below to a Met Office summary for February and the winter as a whole - which was (for the UK) slightly milder and quite a bit drier than normal. However, it was a evidently sunny winter. ... nter-stats

UPDATE: Found the figures for March 2010 - Braemar (Highlands) recorded a minimum of -17.1°C on the 3rd and -18.6°C on the 4th March 2010.
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