New Low forefast to move onto the upper NI

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Unread post by RWood »

Jasestrm wrote:Reports of state highways in and out of Wellington with lots of surface flooding must have been some good heavy downpours last night.
Heavy rain here at times last night recieved 14mm from it.
Clearig up now hopefully to a fine and warm day ahead. 8)
Must have been to the north of the city, a typical outcome in these situations. About 10-12mm overnight in the city I think. Still on track to get our driest year since 1988, 1982 or 1969 (only need about 10mm more to pass 1969)
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Unread post by TonyT »

Jasestrm wrote:Heavy rain here at times last night recieved 14mm from it..
Are you sure you didnt have the sprinkler on? Only 2.8mm here.
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Unread post by spike_01 »

Yhe lull before the storm perhaps... Wind coming straight toward the camera... 8)
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Unread post by Storm Struck »

lol :lol: I had not emptied my rain guage since last Tuesday so it was most likly 2mm opps :oops: .
Yes High cloud here with 23C and a gusty NW wind lots of shower activity along ALPS by the looks of things rain In Aurthurs Pass for sure.
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Unread post by Chris Raine »

We had an intense thunderstorm in Invercargill this afternoon from1.55pm through 3.30pm , torrential rain with localised flooding. The Fire service a are still mopping up.

I had 28mm in 30 minutes at home in Central Invercargill. Still soem hefty Cb's out there as I type this.
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Unread post by Gary Roberts »

Jasestrm wrote:lol :lol: I had not emptied my rain guage since last Tuesday so it was most likly 2mm opps :oops: .
:D :D :D :D :D
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Unread post by NZ Thunderstorm Soc »

Invercargill/Southland are doing WELL with regards for thunderstorms this season so far :D :) the way i only got 3.7mm of rain to 7:30am this morning :)