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Unread post by spike_01 »

Off to Wanganui again today peeps... Will see if anything interesting is happening around the NI... 8)
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TonyT wrote:Some further rumbling thunder and distant lightning to the north again in the last half hour.
Sorry about the latness of replying to this post.
Yes, I saw the lightning flash whilst driving along John's Road toward the airport. There was a great moon that night which highlighted the Cu and CB cloud. I was sort of expecting a flash and it did to my delight but however that was all and despite the awesome looking cloud highlighted by the moonshine.
It would of made a good photograph if I had some nighttime photography equpment. :roll:

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Unread post by Thunder »

Just got a call from a lady who said she saw 3 tornadoes on the 15th Dec, she lives in Palmerston Nth and said they touched they ground but didn't last long.

She actually rang because she had reckoned she had just seen some type of tornado while holidaying in Nelson (10 min ago). She was very vague in describing it but I can't assume more than a spin up like a dust devil or small waterspout or something? Oh well..

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