Westcoast Waterspout pics

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Westcoast Waterspout pics

Unread post by NZstorm »

Some pics here forwarded to me by Greymouth resident, Jos Wellman.
The pics are old, year 2000 I believe. I will get verification of the date.
Photo3 was taken on a cellphone camera and clearly shows 3 funnels.

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Unread post by Willoughby »

Awesome photos! :D

Did anyone else hear about a waterspout a few weeks back that was playing in a Chatham Is lagoon for 15 minutes? That would be so awesome to watch :D :D
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Unread post by Thunder »

03 is probably going to get annoyed I haven't posted in his coast waterspout thread yet ( :D , lol)

That's a few great pics there Steve!! Thanks for sharing, love that first one. It seems quite close, and the third for the fact it shows 3 spouts! Possibly even a fourth if one looks down the line further?

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Unread post by NZ Thunderstorm Soc »

I like the internal funnel on picture No 1 :D