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Re: More Troughy Weather Coming

Unread post by NZstorm »

When i meant supercell I meant the meso-cyclone variation of it
The definition of a supercell is a tstorm with a persistent mesocyclone.
that the whole thundercloud spins which is mainly to do with updraft not wind shear, correct?
Kind of correct. tstorms rotate a lot easier when the instability is very high, but of course there still needs to be some shear.
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Re: More Troughy Weather Coming

Unread post by spwill »

The Oakura F1 last year was accompanied by a thunderstorm whereas the F1 in Cambridge wasn't. The F2 at Greymouth back in March 05 didn't come with thunder.
05 Greymouth Tornado was associated with Thunderstorm activity. ... 005autumn1 Thunder may not have been heard in Greymouth ?