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Weather reports, prognostics, questions and discussion. Climate diagnostics, drivers, and outlooks. Weather stations and websites.
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Forum Guidelines

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1. This forum is for New Zealand weather events and climate discussion. Anything associated with weather stations, media and internet in the NZ scene.

2. Any member is welcome to start a thread if none is currently open for the weather event in question. Include the region and date range in the topic heading where possible. Thread subjects may be altered by moderators if event dates vary or the geographic extent changes. In the interest of quality when creating forecast threads, have a go backing up why you think there will be significant weather with a system to the best of your ability.

3. Off topic discussion must remain minimal. Posts may be moved, edited or deleted by moderators to ensure threads remain relevant for all participants. Don't feed the troll. Feel free to ask the moderators if ever unsure. Feel free to make threads in the Off Topic forum.

4. Don't complain about the weather here. The board was created for a wide range of users with weather interests and reading multiple posts of whinging gets irritating and old very quickly.

5. We welcome debate here on hot topics or issues. Though when debating, attack the point of opinion, not the person itself. Ad hominem statements aren't tolerated much, if at all ( ad-hom. explanation here), and new users intending to 'disturb the peace' are looked very much down upon and will constitute warnings. Please back up your claims!

6. If you are going to post images or data obtained from other web sites onto this forum, then you need to acknowledge the source of the information (ie say where you got it from or who authored it) and respect the original copyright. You may also need to check the terms and conditions associated with the original information you are wishing to post to protect yourself against possible infringement of those conditions.

Have fun and play nice with one another :)

- - Foggy & the moderating team